Top 10 Tie Manufacturers in Italy

Exquis Silk

Italy is world-renowned for its exceptional fashion traditions and high-quality craftsmanship. As an important part of a gentleman's accessories, the tie occupies a place in Italian manufacturing. In this fashion-leading country, there are many tie manufacturing companies that have won the favor of customers around the world with their exquisite skills and unique designs. This article will introduce you to the top 10 tie manufacturing companies in Italy, giving you a deeper understanding of this ancient and creative industry.

List of the Top 10 Tie Manufacturers in Italy

Brand Company type Headquarters
1. Exquis Silk Manufacturers Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
2. Camiceria Como Manufacturers Como, Italy
3. VITOLLI Manufacturers Amalfi, Italy
4. Serà Fine Silk Manufacturers Milan, Italy
5. BRUNATI COMO Manufacturers Italy
6. Elizabeth Manufacturers Tuscany, Italy
7. Shibumi Manufacturers Florence, Italy
8. Italo Ferretti Manufacturers Abruzzo, Italy
9. Fumagalli 1891 Manufacturers Como, Italy
10. Paolo Albizzati Manufacturers Malnate, Italy



1. Exquis Silk

Date of establishment: 2000

Headquarters: Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Main products:  customized tiesthin tiesuniform tiesschool ties

Company profile: Out of their passion and sensitivity for fashion trends, as well as their high requirements for quality, they founded Exquis Silk in 2000. Exquis Silk is a popular British tie manufacturer. Every season they design a new series based on fashion trends and recommend them to customers. Colors and novel materials. Once selected, the production process will be controlled by working with their standard factory. Their products include: ties, bow ties, pockets, belts, scarves, beanies, hats and more.


2. Camiceria Como

Date of establishment: 1998

Headquarters: Como, Italy

Main products: Customized ties, thin ties, uniform ties, school ties

Company Profile: Founded in 1998 in Como, Camiceria Como is world-renowned for the production of the highest quality textiles. Como has been the center of the silk trade for centuries. Today, the city prides itself on its ancient tailoring skills. We are one of the first online retailers in Italy selling custom-made ties. In our store in Monza, in addition to offering ties, we also produce custom-made suits, thanks to a partnership with a well-known Italian company. You can enjoy customized services at home. Our products appear elegant and sophisticated due to unique and precise details. We craft every detail with love and passion, from the most hidden seams, to the finest fabrics, to the mother-of-pearl buttons.



Headquarters: Amalfi, Italy

Main products: customized ties, suede ties

Company Profile: At VITOLI we are proud of our Italian heritage. All of our products are handcrafted in Italy by world-class craftsmen and crafted from the highest quality Italian suede. Let us take you on a journey to southern Italy, where the Vettori story begins. Our tie making process takes place on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. The suede material of our ties takes 9 to 12 weeks to complete tie production. Once the suede arrives from Solovra, the tie-making process begins in Amalfi. The process takes an average of two weeks, as each tie is handmade.


4. Serà Fine Silk

Headquarters: Milan, Italy

Main products: Customized ties, thin ties, uniform ties, school ties

Company Profile: Serà Fine Silk is located in Milan, Italy and produced in Como, Italy. All its products represent Italian culture and craftsmanship. They use the world around them to find design inspiration. All these products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy by Italians, ensuring the highest quality. All of our pocket squares have hand rolled and sewn edges. Our printed and knitted ties have silk sewn onto the backing. Our carriers are made entirely of silk including elastic backing. It’s the small details that demonstrate our commitment to producing the highest quality products. Serà Fine Silk is made for you in Italy.



Headquarters: Italy

Main products: customized ties, jacquard ties, silk ties

Company Profile: BRUNATI COMO offers unique handcrafted luxury ties, shirts and knitwear for the modern gentleman. All our products are made from carefully selected materials and are carefully selected and crafted in limited quantities. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the foundation of BRUNATI COMO – a level of detail and artistry that is rare in this mechanized modern world. To preserve Europe's long tradition of quality and craftsmanship, we work with only the most talented craftsmen from Italy and the UK to create aspirational, beautiful objects.


6. Elizabeth

Date of establishment: 2004

Headquarters: Tuscany, Italy

Main products: customized ties, jacquard ties, silk ties

Company Profile: Elizabethta has been producing Italian luxury ties, scarves and pocket squares since 2004. Elizabetta is an excellent Italian tie manufacturer, and every item in their boutique is produced by an environmentally conscious, family-owned company in Italy. We are committed to preserving the world's finest textile craftsmanship by honoring its centuries-old traditions and the families who continue to share these traditions with the world.


7. Shibumi

Date of establishment: 2012

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Main products: customized ties, wool ties, silk ties

Company Profile: Shibumi was born in 2012 with the goal of making high-quality handmade ties, which are now popular among fashion lovers around the world. Known for our unique printed silk designs and carefully selected unusual fabrics and weaves, Shibumi offers classic, elegant, high-quality ties for business and leisure. Silk from the best Italian and British mills, handmade in Italy. Lovely details like the hand-rolled hem on the back of the tie and intricate decorative stitching make our ties small works of art. From formal floral prints to classic prints, delicate grenadine, casual knitwear and unique madder silks. We also offer custom suits and shirts, pocket squares, suspenders, scarves and other classic men's accessories.


8. Italo Ferretti

Date of establishment: 1967

Headquarters: Abruzzo, Italy

Main Products: Customized Ties, Logo Ties, Wedding Ties

Company Profile: Discover the most unique, customizable, one-of-a-kind silk accessories and apparel handcrafted in Italy. Luxury products featuring unparalleled Italian quality, patented designs and top Italian tailoring standards. Perfectly fitted, custom-made clothing to suit any size and any style. Italo Ferretti is a world-famous story in the history of Italian fashion, started in 1967 and still adhering to the best manufacturing values and traditions. Our professional designers and tailors can create unique custom ties, custom logo ties, or custom wedding ties. You can also design your own tie by customizing it in thousands of colors and silk fabrics. Available in slim, modern or classic widths, you won't be disappointed with length options from youth to extra-long. Your unique custom tie is handcrafted in Italy.


9. Fumagalli 1891

Date of establishment: 1891

Headquarters: Como, Italy

Main products: customized ties, silk ties, badge ties, vintage ties

Company Profile: Fumagalli 1891 combines the art of tailoring with tradition and a passion for history and culture. Vivid patterns, taken from the company's historical archives, bring life to collections crafted from precious fabrics. A love of history and tailoring allows ties to suit every style. Plain, classic or featuring designs and patterns: every tie is suitable for different occasions. Fumagalli 1891 explores a variety of ties made of different styles and materials for customers.


10. Paolo Albizzati

Date of establishment: 1975

Headquarters: Malnate, Italy

Main products: customized ties, silk ties, silk ties, cashmere ties

Company Profile: After decades of experience making ties, Paolo Albizzati decided to extend the excellence of his factory's craftsmanship into the production of handmade pocket squares, scarves and turbans. The design team works to develop unique patterns, source precious and innovative materials, and conduct necessary testing of fabrics for color combinations, comfort, and wear resistance. We study trends and lifestyles of our customers around the world. We consider the changing habits and needs of our customers and make necessary updates to our seasonal collections. We are committed to providing Italian luxury ties and accessories that are durable, easy to wear and create value for our customers.


In conclusion

Overall, Italy's tie manufacturing industry is world-renowned for its unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship and relentless pursuit of quality. When choosing a tie, buying from these excellent manufacturers is undoubtedly a symbol of pursuit of taste. Among many tie manufacturers, Exquis Silk stands out for its superior quality and unique design. As a leader in tie manufacturers, Exquis Silk not only maintains traditional Italian manufacturing techniques, but also continues to innovate to provide customers with more personalized and fashionable choices. When you choose Exquis Silk, you will not only own a tie, but also experience the essence of Made in Italy, adding unique charm to your gentlemanly style. If you need anything, please contact us!


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