Top 10 Hat Manufacturers in Canada

Exquis Silk

Canada is a diverse and creative country with a thriving fashion industry. In this country, hat manufacturers play a key role in providing people with hats in various styles and uses. From classic designs to stylish innovations, Canadian hat makers have established themselves on the international stage with their unique craftsmanship and quality. This article will introduce the top 10 hat manufacturers in Canada, and let us explore how these brands have achieved excellence in the field of hat design.


List of the Top 10 Hat Manufacturers in Canada

Brand Company type Headquarters
1. Exquis Silk Manufacturers Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
2. Silver Spider Knitting Co., Ltd. Manufacturers Toronto, Canada
3. Henri Henri Ltd Manufacturers Ontario, Canada
4. Tristar Headwear Manufacturers Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
5. Ludachris Hats Ltd. Manufacturers Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada
6. Ambler Mountain Works Manufacturers Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
7. Crown Cap Manufacturers Winnipeg, Canada
8. Coastal Reign Manufacturers Vancouver, Canada
9. Ontario Hats Manufacturers straw hats, wool felt hats
10. Atelier Boutique Manufacturers Verdun, Quebec, Canada



1.Exquis Silk

Date of establishment: 2000

Headquarters: Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

Main products: beanies, knitted hats, golf hats, bucket hats, flat caps

Company profile: Out of their passion and sensitivity for fashion trends, as well as their high requirements for quality, they founded Exquis Silk in 2000. Exquis Silk is a leading hat manufacturer in China. Every season they design a new series based on fashion trends and recommend it to customers. Colors and novel materials. Once selected, the production process will be controlled by working with their standard factory. Their products include: ties, bow ties, pockets, belts, scarves, beanies, hats and more.



2. Silver Spider Knitting Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment: 1989

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Main products: beanies, baseball caps, golf caps, bucket hats

Company Profile: Since its establishment in 1997, Silver Spider Knitting Co., Ltd. has been driven by the pursuit of quality, innovation, creativity and improving Canadian manufacturing. They are a well-known hat manufacturer in Canada. They are a hothouse for many local fashion brands, always open to new developments and products. They build loyal, lasting relationships with their customers, but are also willing to work with young companies and their innovative ideas. Their ultimate purpose is to design, develop and deliver products that wow and differentiate their customers. They are also constantly improving their facilities to meet the growing market hungry for innovative knitting technology.



3. Henri Henri Ltd

Date of establishment: 1932

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Main products: men's hats, felt hats, berets, cowboy hats

Company Profile: Since its establishment, Henri Henri has been focusing on men's hats. Today they also offer hats for women and teenagers. Their large selection of quality hats and professional service have made them one of Canada's most reputable hat stores. With the guidance of the company’s leaders, Henri Henri has been able to enter the digital age and continue to grow its youth- and female-oriented selection. Customers will still find Canada's most diverse collection of hats under their roof.



4. Tristar Headwear

Date of establishment: 1985

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Main products: baseball caps, fisherman hats

Company Profile: Tristar Headwear, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a highly specialized, family-owned hat manufacturer who is a leader in private label hat manufacturing domestically and overseas. True to their motto of "True Customization," they offer the highest quality private label custom headwear. By offering domestic and overseas manufacturing services, they offer customers the widest selection of customization, styles and finishes on the market. With over 38 years of industry experience, they remain proud to be Canada's largest headwear manufacturer and leader in contract manufacturing.



5. Ludachris Hats Ltd.

Headquarters: Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

Main products: baseball caps, bucket hats, berets

Company Profile: Ludachris Hats Ltd., located in Forest Hills, is a Canadian custom hat manufacturer that produces custom headwear. Their custom hats are proudly made by their workers, members of IAMAW Local 1975. Their reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction is earned through the hard work of their loyal employees. Each has more than 20 years of experience in the headwear manufacturing industry. Their customization capabilities and flexibility as a manufacturer have allowed them to become industry leaders and continue to grow in a market increasingly swamped by imports.



6. Ambler Mountain Works

Date of establishment: 1993

Headquarters: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Main products: baseball caps, bucket hats, berets

Company Profile: Their hats are made in their home province of British Columbia. All of their hats are made in a factory in Ontario and the fabrics are also spun and dyed in Canada. Made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, their shirt fabrics are soft, comfortable and good for you, the environment and the local economy. Working with other small businesses to produce hats and shirts in Canada brings them an incredible sense of satisfaction and joy.



7. Crown Cap

Date of establishment: 1934

Headquarters: Winnipeg, Canada

Main products: baseball caps, bucket hats, berets, pilot hats

Company Profile: The idea for Crown Cap was born in 1934, and for nearly a century it became a successful textile hat manufacturing business. From their humble beginnings outfitting people on farms with proper work hats, they have grown to become Canada's largest hat manufacturer and leading headwear designer. With years of experience, incredible talent, and a dedication to mastering their craft, their team has become the benchmark for quality headwear. Their reputation as Canada's leading hat manufacturer means companies know they can be relied on to deliver industry-leading designs and creations in a wide range of styles.



8. Coastal Reign

Date of establishment: 2013

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Main products: baseball caps, bucket hats, berets

Company Profile: Coastal Reign is a specialty custom hat company, providing high-quality hats to businesses, schools and sports teams across Canada. Blending high-quality prints with quality apparel, they bring your custom printed hat ideas to life. Experience a stress-free online ordering process – no upfront payment required for design work. Place your order with confidence and they only charge you after you approve the entire project and receive your printable design files that exceed your expectations.



9. Ontario Hats

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Main products: straw hats, wool felt hats

Company Profile: Ontario Hats is a well-known hat manufacturer in Canada. They have many years of experience running Ontario Hats, a successful knitwear design and manufacturing company in the UK. Their strength lies in producing modern styles and short delivery times while guaranteeing competitive prices so that customers can sell their products at a healthy profit. They have a wide range of classic and timeless styles to choose from and sell throughout Europe, and their experienced design and technical team are able to produce any type of custom design with ease.



10. Atelier Boutique

Date of establishment: 1994

Headquarters: Verdun, Quebec, Canada

Main products: berets, knitted hats, woolen hats

Company Profile: Atelier Boutique is a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of winter hats and other winter headwear. They have a team of skilled and experienced designers who work tirelessly to create unique, stylish designs for their customers. Their production team works hard to produce high-quality hats using the latest technology, and each product is carefully inspected to ensure it meets strict quality standards.




These outstanding Canadian hat makers carry forward Canada's fashion heritage with their unparalleled quality and unique designs. They are not just business entities, but creative creators. Through their efforts, Canada’s hat culture can flourish and be passed on. Every hat is the beginning of a story, carrying the designer's dream and the craftsman's exquisite skills. In the future, let us look forward to these brands continuing to inject new vitality into the fashion world and adding more excitement to our lives in their unique ways. The hat is not only a bright color on the head, but also a part of Canadian fashion interpretation, becoming an indispensable element to lead the trend.

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